Zuhair Murad Spring-Summer Collection: dresses, gowns, pants

Splendor, luxury, glamor, extravagance, romance and grace were shown on Fashion Week in Paris: Zuhair Murad’s ‘Spring-Summer’ Collection.

No red carpet is complete without a collection of famous Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad.
The new collection of Zuhair Murad, ‘Spring-Summer’, does not disappoint anyone and do not leave anyone indifferent.
It was, as always, at the highest level, stylish, luxurious, feminine and strong.
Elegant silhouettes varied, but remained in the classics.

The collection of Zuhair Murad Spring – Summer can’t be without the luxurious details, crochet lace, Venetian lace, perforation, rhinestones and embroidery of beads, applications and beautiful floral motifs.
Overall, the collection is very nice and does not leave anyone indifferent.

When designing the collection, the designer was inspired by water, elegant decor and gentle embroidery which mimics water waves, reminds of the waves of the sea.
Collection of Zuhair Murad ‘Spring – Summer‘ is designed in aquamarine, lemon and pink shades.
But, favorite forms and materials of the designer aren’t changed.

12 Pieces of Zuhair Murad’s Spring-Summer Collection

Below you can see 12 pieces of Spring-Summer collection by Zuhair Murad.
Dresses, gowns, pants, shorts, and more…

paris fashion week Zuhair Murad Spring Summer 2015source
paris fashion week Zuhair Murad Spring Summer 20151
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Do you like some of the dresses, gowns, pants or shorts from Zuhair Murad’s collection?
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