Women’s Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide

Women’s winter outfits are characterised by one particularity. They must be elegant (of course!), comfortable (obviously!) but they must also offer protection (warmth, breathability, and dryness!). A winning winter outfit should offer all the above but in a perfectly-balanced manner. Who wants to be warm but sweaty? Who wants to be stylish but uncomfortable?

The 2023 women’s winter fashion trends assure us that they are up to the task. Sustainable women’s coats and other updated essentials of the Casual style are more than confident that they can deliver!

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide

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But before diving into some stylish women’s winter casual outfits ideas, it would be very interesting to go through some revealing stats and figures concerning this specific segment of the fashion industry.

Stats and Figures of the Women’s Winter Clothing segments

  • In terms of product category, scarves, shawls, wraps, stoles, and mufflers are anticipated to lead the global market (in the winter wear segment) by 2031
  • Winter wear made with natural materials, such as fur, down, merino wool, and fleece, is expected to rise in the near future, propelling market growth
  • Coats, Jackets and Suits are estimated to represent 15% of the Global Women Apparel Market Share by 2028
  • The global women apparel market is generally divided into summer wear, winter wear, and all-season wear. Among these three categories, winter wear exhibits, currently, a clear dominance in the market.
  • The global women’s coats and jackets market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% by 2028
  • Some of the key factors that are shaping, right now, the women’s coats & jackets market and are leading to its growth, are the increasing number of working women, the rising of their per capita income, and their higher purchasing power

5 Women’s Winter Style

1. Jeans, Jeans and Jeans!

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide - Women Jeans

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Every season some ask themselves, is this going to be the year? But it never is. Denim never goes out of fashion. So, put on an elegant high-waisted pair, black boots, a white shirt or just a plain cotton t-shirt (black or white) add a royally elegant long black coat, a rugged biker jacket or a cropped suede bomber, a b&w scarf and feel like a Londoner in London, a Parisian in Paris, and a New Yorker in New York!

(If it is too cold don’t hesitate to layer your leather or trucker jacket under your maxi coat!)

2. The Fleece

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide - Women Fleece

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Fleece jackets, fleece bomber jackets, fleece coats, fleece sweaters, fleece hoodies, fleece tracksuits. Whatever the type of fleece you prefer, just get one and include it to your personal outerwear guide!
For example, pair a quarter-zip fleece sweater with skinny jeans or cropped Khakis and your dr. Martens or Hunters for the rainy days, or opt for a fleece zipped jacket and wear it with a pair of sustainable joggers or an athleisure tracksuit and your old Adidas. Fleece looks good with sneakers and boots!

Our final thought about fleece? It is not a trend, it is more than that. Fleece has peacefully taken over! It is warm, cool, easy-to-style and comfy. Enjoy!

3. The Chore Jacket

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide - Women Chore Jacket

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Every season has its tendencies, and every city has its coats. If too windy, chilly and rainy; long, impermeable coats are a must. But if the winter in your city is milder; a (thoroughly-structured) layered outfit with an elegant chore coat on top, will be the best Casual option!

Start with a pair of relaxed fit trousers (Chinos or Carpenter trousers), continue with a warm body, a slim-fit shirt, a merino wool sweater or cardigan, and finish the outfit with your chore coat. Shoe-wise it could be almost anything. Blazers, vintage Reeboks, Vejas, a pair of comfy & sustainable Campers, your million times worn Clarks or even derbys and loafers!

4. Oversize it!

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide - Women Shirt & Jacket

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Is it transient or has it become one of fashion’s axioms that we just cannot question? It seems that the oversized is the new rule; the fit. Shirts can be oversized, jackets can be oversized. Coats? Oversized! Trousers? The same! Joggers and tracksuits? You know… Oversized!

You can even layer one oversized garment over another and still, there is no problem! It is only that your outfit will have this airy – not eerie – Japanese-like feel.

5. Chinos, Chinos, Chinos

It is one of women’s 2023 winter fashion trends, but it will also be one of next year’s trends as well. Chinos are so iconic, so standardly and essentially elegant that cannot be missed from any womenswear collection or any woman’s – complete – winter wardrobe.

Take the High Waisted Casual Version, a warm shirt or a relaxed fit hoodie, add a puffer, a fleece or a sherpa jacket, wear a pair of Clarks, Diadoras or vegan Sayes, wool socks and enjoy naturally and sustainably!

Women's Casual Winter Fashion Style Guide - Women Chinos

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If business – from Monday to Friday – is in order, put on the Formal Version, wear a formal – silk – or a more casual – cotton – shirt (depending on HR’s suggestions), all the accessories you want, grab your formal coat (should we repeat that it can be oversized?), and fill your day with interesting professional challenges and good fun with your colleagues!

Many fashion brands, from grand, international players to bold and inspired creators of the independent scene, make top quality women’s winter casual outfits! They offer modern versions of the most essential and timeless clothing items, managing to maximise their functionality and making sure that all the necessary ingredients women’s winter’s clothing must have are there.

Chore workwear-inspired jackets, puffers and varsity jackets, warm overshirts, maxi belted coats or classic trenches, the 2023 women’s winter fashion will not only be smarter but also warmer and eco-friendlier. Dockers® from SF or Rapanui from the UK are two of the brands that offer this kind of unique (and necessary blend!).

In fashion, as in every sector and in every aspect of life, a – more – sustainable and ethical approach is not just crucial but deeply vital. What kind of life can grow on soulless cement? What kind of oxygen can come out from fake plastic trees? What kind of society can be structured on inequalities and injustice?

Joan Calabia - article authorArticle author: Joan Calabia
Joan Calabia operates as the Digital Lead for Dockers® International at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.


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