The Quench Skin Recovery Cream: What Are the Benefits?

If there is skin care item that is most sought after, it is recovery creams. Quite simply, recovery creams give moisture and healing to your skin when dealing with dryness, redness and irritation among other problems.

Some of them go above and beyond with a formula that is intended to give you radiant and young skin. One such example would be The Quench Skin Recovery Cream. You can wear it under makeup, and it can be used in the day or night.

Everything about the The Quench seems to be built around the fact that people deal with all kinds of skin problems. Because of that, their formula is aimed at taking care of several different specific skin problems.

The Quench Skin Recovery Cream: What Are the Benefits?

What Can it Do for Your Skin?

The Quench Skin Recovery Cream can do many things for your skin. What sets it apart from many of its competitors is its inclusion of four lipids that promote healthy skin. As it turns out, lipids are largely responsible for a lot of our skin’s function.

When your skin is healthy, it is bouncy and stays hydrated without any trouble. For the most part, that is due to lipids. Another thing that many people turn to creams to take care of is saggy skin. Collagen is what is responsible for how saggy or tight our skin is.

When collagen production is healthy, your skin holds tight and smooth. If collagen production is down, that is when the skin begins to sag. Collagen production is affected by many factors including genetics, physical activity and age.

The Quench Skin Recovery Cream features lactic acid to help you get your collagen production where it needs to be. It keeps your skin hydrated for as long as it needs to be and makes your skin strong so it can retain moisture and firmness.

The Quench Skin Recovery Cream: What Are the Benefits?

What Sets it Apart?

More than anything, the attention to care is what sets it apart. The ingredients mentioned above are combined in a way to deliver the best results possible with each application. Clearly, a lot of time was put into considering what kind of things people needed help with for keeping up with daily skin care.

That level of attention goes right down to the spatula. The Quench Skin Recovery Cream comes with a spatula for getting the cream out. While it may not be something that every skin care brand does, hopefully more of them will catch on.

By providing a spatula, you can keep the cream untainted and unaffected by any number of outside factors. Each time you dip your fingers into a jar of cream, you are having some effect on it one way or the other. Our fingers contain the same oils that the rest of our skin has, and it is best to keep them out of your cream.

It is not only sanitary, it is practical. Many people find that it is an easier way to dish out the right amount of cream than scooping with your fingers. It is a way of getting the most out of the cream. If your wash your hands and face beforehand and keep the spatula clean, you will get the cleanest product possible each time.

The Quench Skin Recovery Cream can promote positive skin health in many ways, including:

  • Getting your collagen production to a healthy level
  • Helping your skin retain moisture
  • Recovering from microneedling or possible skin damage
  • Repairing dry, red skin

All in all, The Quench Skin Recovery Cream is an all-around skin care solution. It addresses several areas of skin health that need attention.


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