Tarik Ediz Wedding Dresses: wedding gowns, white dresses collection

Turkish designer Tarik Ediz has started his activities in 1987 in a small boutique in the city of Bursa.
The boutique quickly became one of the most luxurious in the city.
Tarik Ediz created a small studio that was used for customers who were not satisfied with their dresses, and wanted to make some changes.

Today, Tarik Ediz is one of the best companies for production of evening dresses in Turkey.
The wedding dresses brand Tarik Ediz vary in their incredible elegance.
High quality, luxurious fabrics, wedding dresses, perfect style for those who appreciate high style.
Wedding dresses that perfectly accentuate the female form.

Except the white wedding dresses, in the collections of Tarik Ediz you will find dresses in various shades and colors.
This allows to designer to create wedding dresses for most problematic brides.

15 Tarik Ediz Wedding Dresses – Photos & Ideas

Now, below in this article, you can check out photos of 15 beautiful Tarik’s white wedding dresses collection: wedding gowns, long sleeve dresses, cocktail dresses, various styles of dresses…

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