S’Young International Shines A Spotlight On International Beauty Brands In Its First-Ever Global Brand Festival

On 18th April 2023, S’Young International, a leading partner for international beauty brands seeking success in the Chinese market, hosted its first-ever Global Brand Festival at S’Young City in China’s vibrant media city – Changsha.

S'Young International Shines A Spotlight On International Beauty Brands In Its First-Ever Global Brand Festival

Careful consideration went into choosing the location for the festival site at S’Young International’s operation center. China is a huge market with 1.4 billion people and a diverse urban structure. Tier 1 cities such as Beijing and Shanghai account only account for 5% of the total population, while new tier 1 cities such as Changsha is rapidly emerging. Changsha is the capital of Chinese media arts boasting a thriving consumer atmosphere, earning it the title of “happiest city” for 15 consecutive years. The charm and energy of the city have made it the perfect home for numerous brand events over the years, and S’Young’s Global Brand Festival is no exception. Changsha is the ideal environment for beauty and cosmetics brands to form deep, meaningful connections with existing and potential consumers.

The event united leading beauty brands from France, Finland, and Italy, including Evidens de Beauté, Pier Augé, Lumene, LORD & BERRY. Inviting high-impact Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Multi-Channel Network agencies (MCNs), channel traders, and channel distributors from across the sector – to celebrate each brand’s exponential growth and development.

At the first S’Young Global Brand Festival, S’Young International curated a series of brand ceremonies for its most prolific and long-term partners, inviting brand founders and executives to share the authentic stories and emotions behind their brands – their values, efficacy, and individuality – along with their strategies to develop this upward trajectory over the next few years.

S’Young International pioneered the unique CP cooperation model, providing a clear pathway to success and empowering international beauty brands to thrive in China. They employ their expert knowledge of Chinese beauty trends, genres, and characteristics to create long-term development routes for international brands, helping them find, and retain, their niche within the market.

Through effective branding, product incubation, marketing, operations, and logistics, brands could achieve all-dimensional growth in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, S’Young International also employs an omnichannel approach, selecting the most suitable channels for the brand by matching its unique tone and characteristics, including high-end department stores, luxury hotels, and beauty retail collection stores, etc.

Unlike other partners, S’Young International’s CP cooperation model provides sustained brand development throughout the entire lifecycle, offering a full set of solutions. This approach enhances brand awareness and helps their partners understand how to conduct business in China – both are especially crucial for newly emerging brands.

It’s no secret that S’Young International’s most established international brand partners have seen incredible success in Chinese markets since their partnerships began. During the Global Brand Festival on the 18th of April, four of these partners held individual brand ceremonies to showcase and celebrate their achievements in front of Chinese customers, partners, influencers, and channel distributors.

These displays helped their partners to witness each brand’s potential, understand their products, and encourage further opportunities for development.

Evidens de Beauté

An anti-ageing brand that unites Japanese cosmetics and French elegance, Evidens de Beauté partnered with S’Young International to appeal to an increasingly young Chinese market looking for advanced functional skincare. Since the collaboration began, the brand has achieved cooperation with over 3,000 KOLs, and over 4,000 Key Opinion Customers (KOCs), as well as a product repurchase rate of up to 37%.

Charles-Edouard BARTHES, Founder of Evidens de Beauté, introducing the brand at the ceremony

(Charles-Edouard BARTHES, Founder of Evidens de Beauté, introducing the brand at the ceremony)

The ceremony began with a dramatic recreation of the founding couples’ story, from acquaintance to love, representing the Evidens de Beauté’s links between France and Japan. The founder then delivered a rousing speech outlining the brand’s growth process thus far and unveiled their strategic plans to reach new heights in the Chinese market over the next three years with S’Young’s support.


This 53-year-old Finnish national skincare brand uses sustainable, natural ingredients to help its consumers achieve a youthful radiance. S’Young International aligned Lumene’s ‘natural’ brand positioning with the Chinese market’s pain points of ‘hydration and moisturisation’ – subsequently, their Nordic Hydra 24-Hour Moisturiser has become their best-selling product in China. Influencers have produced live streams sharing their most authentic selves to promote Lumene’s brand story, and this content has received high praise from their fans.

Victor Gibson, General Manager UK, China and New Strategic Market of Lumene, introducing the brand at the ceremony

(Victor Gibson, General Manager UK, China and New Strategic Market of Lumene, introducing the brand at the ceremony)

Lumene’s ceremony saw the much-anticipated unveiling of their positioning, products, and achievements within the Chinese market, explored through modern dance, videos, and light. Following this, they granted multiple awards to KOLs and distributors, shared their future development strategy, and invited partners to create Lumene products in the Finnish brand laboratory.

Pier Augé

Pharmacist Pierre Jules Augé, founded this brand in Monaco in the 1960s, creating a specific product for his sensitive-skinned wife. The brand is rooted in love, respect for the skin’s physiology, and the use of carefully selected ingredients, principles which have seen immense success within the Chinese market. Collaboration with S’Young International has seen a year-on-year increase of 259% in sales volume, and its hero product has become the best-selling imported facial mask on Tmall Global.

Charles DUPONT, CEO of Pier Augé, sharing Brand's Future Plan at the ceremony

(Charles DUPONT, CEO of Pier Augé, sharing Brand’s Future Plan at the ceremony)

Through seven chapters featuring history, dance, fashion, and trends, Pier Augé told their brand story, from its inception in the 1960s to the modern day. After this, the company’s CEO announced their global plan and presented awards to key influencers and distributors.


Conceived in 1992 in Milan, LORD & BERRY is a brand that combines fashion and practicality, science, and art, to create beautiful, high-quality make-up products. Over the last year, S’Young International has drawn on the brand’s product efficacy and ‘Professional Show Makeup Brand from Milan’ image to increase its exposure in China. So far, its overall exposure has exceeded 100 million in total. The brand’s popularity across all social platforms rose to around 60,000 per month, and its scale in the Chinese market achieved an almost 500% growth in 2022.

Paolo Blayer, Founder and CEO of LORD & BERRY and S’Young International team pouring colored pigments onto the brand logo, symbolizing LORD & BERRY 's gradual transformation from transparent to colorful

(Paolo Blayer, Founder and CEO of LORD & BERRY and S’Young International team pouring colored pigments onto the brand logo, symbolizing LORD & BERRY ‘s gradual transformation from transparent to colorful)

LORD & BERRY told their brand story through three impactful ‘Recreating the Beauty of Milan Fashion Shows’, depicting classic make-up looks throughout its 30-year history: nude, black, and colour. Models of different skin colours, ages, and genders portrayed the idea that beauty knows no bounds – that being yourself is beauty itself. During the show, LORD & BERRY’s first-ever Chinese user, China’s Top 10 Makeup Artist Li Ze, shared his story with the brand. The ceremony closed with the Founder of LORD & BERRY and S’Young International team pouring symbolic colour pigmentation onto the logo.

Co-founder and CEO of S’Young International, Marshall Chen, was thrilled with the Global Festival’s success: “We are delighted that our partner brands have come to S’Young City, as this festival is for them. We hope to encourage more partners and consumers to understand the brands we work with, and we will continue to help them fully develop in China, as smoothly as possible.”

Alongside the ceremonies, S’Young International invited its partners to enjoy everything S’Young City can offer, including city tours, tree planting for brands, and other brand festival activities.

Founders and senior executives of partner brands met with the S’Young International team, visited the international building, and had in-depth conversations with the research and development, marketing, and customer service teams.

S’Young International is committed to its role as the best CP for global beauty brands and will continue collaborating with global partners, inspiring them to reach their milestones and achieve immense success within the Chinese market.

About S’Young International

S’Young International, the Initiator of the CP collaboration model, is a digital-driven open platform that empowers global beauty brands to access and connect with the Chinese market by providing a complete solution that focuses on their all-dimension, omnichannel and full-lifecycle development. S’Young International has now cooperated with more than 30 beauty brands globally.


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