Short Hairstyles for Women, Girls, Ladies – Cute & Modern Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for women are not only comfortable and practical, but they also help to create a stylish image.
Short hairstyle suits to every woman and girl, just need to be properly selected.

15+ Short Hairstyles for Women – Photos & Info

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These modern and cute hairstyles are categorized in 6 groups.
Hope you will find something interesting.

1. The most popular short hairstyles for women in this new season will be boneless care hairstyle that will bring a touch of charm and elegance in your own style. This hairstyle can be suitable for different occasions, like romantic and for everyday.
Hairdressers advise emphasis to give on bangs. Bangs can be worn upright, sideways to one side, and even volume bangs from the top of the head.

Short Hairstyles for Women - care short hairstyles for women
Short Hairstyles for Women - easy care short hairstyles for womensource

2. Short hairstyles for women, bob with soft contours. Last season the peak of popularity was bob hairstyle with strong sharp edges, and in this season – with soft contours.
Bob hairstyle is easily leads okay, looks dynamic and feminine and is suitable for all women. Depending on the shape of the face, may be made volume and length of bangs.


3. Short hairstyle with discovered ears is new trend during this season. This can be achieved with the trimmers that part of the hair, or simply go to the hair behind the ears.

Short Hairstyles for Women - Short hairstyle with discovered earssourceshort hairstyles for women 2015sourceshort hairstyles for women 2015 1source

4. Short hair in male style – and this hairstyle is for decisive and courageous women.


5. Short hairstyles Pixie does not lose its position, and few fashion seasons it is trendy. Short hairstyles Pixie is fairly easy to shape, but looks very stylish and elegant.
With the help of short hairstyles Pixie you will look younger.

short hairstyles for women pixesourceshort hairstyles for women pixe 1sourceshort hairstyles for women pixe 2source

6. Short hair with long bangs is the trend this season. It is easy to shape, and looks very nice.



So, what’s your favorite short hairstyle?
Or maybe you have more than one favorite?

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