Men’s Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer

The traditional image: A grandma is knitting, the mother next to her, is learning the secrets of the craft and the little grandchild is watching them while playing with the wool balls.

The contemporary image: Two sixteen – seventeen-year-old friends are knitting, smoking, sitting on a bench in one of Malasaña’s little Squares in Madrid, while having skipped school.

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Colorful Wool

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The leap from the traditional household image to the dynamic, youthful and fashionful, vintagely vibrant barrio, is just a proof that knitting and knitwear has entered for good our styleverse!

There is no doubt that knitwear has always been there; sometimes louder and others more timid.

The Transition

The history of knitting? In the beginning it was a winter thing. Then we said why not during Autumn. Spring got jealous and recently Summer demanded it as well. This transition and the four seasonal presence of knitwear is not just our opinion, but a factual reality; in the streets and on the catwalks!

Its polyvalence is extraordinary. It can be the Inner, Mid or Shell layer of your layered clothing. Knitted tanks and t-shirts to keep you warm, cardigans or knitted jumpers and heavy knitted coats. If it can be knitted it is there for you to put it on. Valentino has even a “knitted point of view” sneaker.

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Knitted Sneakers

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The number of brands and maisons that opt for this technique is only growing, and with it grows the range of choices. From the High End Rîves of Slimane’s Celine and Vaccarello’s Saint-Laurent to the more accessible banks of All-Saint, Fred Perry, Dockers®, COS and Uniqlo. Knitwear is everywhere and in every form. The very nature of knit (and the materials’ used) is so plastic that can be sculpted in all possible ways, hence… the polyvalence.

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Sheep Wool

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  • Organic Cotton and Recycled Cotton
  • Organic Linen
  • Sheep Wool
  • Merino Wool
  • Alpaca Wool, and
  • Cashmere

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Band Collar Shirt

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Are some of the fabrics that are used to produce top quality heavy or lightweight Knitwear. But, with June, July & August just around the corner, let’s discover the best knitwear fashion trends for this Summer!

5 Men’s Lightweight Knitwear Styles

1. Tops

T-shirts, tanks, vests and blazers… you name it. The options are vast, so are the cuts, styles and colour combinations. This vastness of options makes it even easier to style your knitwear. A half buttoned knit Shirt with a pair of denim shorts. A knitted tank top with a pair of Chino shorts or… for a more vintage style, wear a knitted shirt with your high waist jeans to revisit the 50’s. You can even go for an Ivy League Look with a knitted cardigan or sweater and a pair of Khakis or Cargos.

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Crewneck Sweater

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2. Bottoms

Knitted shorts, joggers, skirts, trousers, even tights! Wear them with a white classic T-shirt or with a bold floral oversize shirt for your more extravagant moments. But, either you go for the classic white or the bold colourful, keep in mind that knitted bottoms can be easily dressed-up or dressed-down. This summer, the knitted shorts fashion trends are too many!

Another interesting option if you are heading to a beach or if the urban temperatures are just too high is the skort. Depending on the weather and the occasion, the length will be key for your Look! Stylistically daring; it is true, but Men and Skirts do go a long way back!

Still, if a modern short skort might seem somewhat extreme, you can always start with the more classic Kilt.

(Just one question. Do you have to be a Scot or an Irish man to wear a Kilt?)

3. Go Graphic or Monochromatic?

You can find them with colourful heavy geometrical patterns, with pictures and truly inspired images, with interesting designs, striped, colour blocked or total-white, total-grey, total-black or total-green. You can even find them with big holes and hanging threads. The ways you can play it are interminable. From punky and grunge notes to more sober, office-like tenues. Casual Chic looks for every day and every hour flexibility to the Mom and Dad styles. Whatever the general context might be, the knit will fit effortlessly!

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Monochromatic Coat Sweater

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4. The full Knit

Maybe the easier way to wear it! No dilemmas, no wasted time, no this or that. You just wear the top and bottom. Many brands offer the whole shebang. There is nothing wrong going 100% Knitwear. Summer will have a new light feel. One you have never experienced before!

5. And all the rest…

Style can be so unique, divergent and rich as any two different people. In the end, the ultimate style is the ultimate expression of who we are. So, if this summer you choose to express yourself through knitwear, this is the best moment! Because it is not only about clothes; lots of knitted accessories are also available to create your own fabulous fashion worlds. Bags, jewellery, hats, belts and ties and much more… All the rest depend on your appetite!

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Blue Crewneck Sweater

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We wouldn’t exaggerate if we said that knitwear is as easy to use and as accessible as denim. Explore the webpages of most brands and you will sea that Knitwear is currently a category on its own. And rightly so! It can be stylish, it can be all-weather and all-around but the best of it? It can be sustainable and eco-friendly!

Something truly important for a new generation that is very sensitive to issues like sustainability and eco-friendly choices, when buying clothes and accessories. Our world is changing and the ways young people consume changes as well. Recycled fabrics, used material, circularity, state-of-the-art techniques to use less water (and other resources) and a general and genuine interest on ethical economy is the outline and the inner-core of a new fashion panorama.

Men's Lightweight Knitwear Styles for Summer - Trucker Jacket

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A last phrase for the sceptics!

If you still think that you are going to sweat wearing knit… let’s be honest; our island’s summers aren’t exactly tropical. So, don’t sweat it; knit is neat. Use it!

Joan Calabia - article authorArticle author: Joan Calabia
Joan Calabia operates as the Digital Lead for Dockers® International at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.


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