Human Hair Extensions: Why They’re Better

The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep and while that may be true, it doesn’t mention how looking beautiful can make you feel on the inside. One sure-fire way to give you that inner confidence is amazing hair. The reality is, most of us were not blessed with a head full of shiny, luxurious, healthy hair which only requires a swipe of a brush to look like a million dollars every morning. Thankfully, modern day advances have allowed us to find ways to enhance our look even if it wasn’t gifted to us by Mother Nature. Hair extensions are a fantastic way to provide a voluminous effect without needing a ton of extra time styling.

Whether you choose to have hair extensions applied in a professional salon or done at home, your options are abundant. The first step is to figure out what options are the best for your needs. A quick and easy Halloween costume could call for some dollar store clip-ins. But, if you’re in the market to find an everyday functional style that doesn’t look like there’s a ratty cat attached to your scalp, then quality is most definitely key. There are synthetic options, horse hair options and human hair options to select from. All can be made of the finest quality, but the reality is, human hair will likely look the best because, well, we are also humans! The closest to our natural hair we can get are human hair extensions which will provide the organic appeal of our own hair.

Human Hair Extensions: Why They're Better

There’s no question that human hair can be the more costly route, however quality overshadows any qualms about choosing human hair extensions over its competitors. Take a deeper dive into what makes human hair extensions the route to take when considering hair pieces.

  • With the proper care, they can also be a long lasting investment. After the initial application, high end extensions can last up to 12 weeks. It can then be reused again for up to another 3 times.
  • They can be dyed to the shade of your choosing. Just because you may have purchased a color to match your current shade, doesn’t mean you have to re-invest in a new set if you wanted to change your look. Just be sure to always dye darker, not lighter.
  • Do all the same activities with your extensions as you normally would like swimming and exercising, and not have to worry about them coming out. Make sure you look for high quality brands which have durable adhesive that can withstand excessive activity.
  • Style with a blowout or even washing your hair can continue on as usual with human hair extensions, with the right premium brands.

Human Hair Extensions: Why They're Better

Proper application requires a visit to a salon professional. Human hair extensions are not a challenge to apply depending on the brand used, but will need an experienced hand to ensure they are going to last and are positioned properly. After spending so much to invest in these beauties, you should definitely ensure they are applied correctly. The good news is, professional grade extensions can be purchased independently, so you can take them to any hair professional of your choosing.

If you’re going to invest into improving your appearance, skimping in quality will be sure to show. Investing in human hair extensions look the most realistic and natural. Ensuring you look your best, means using the finest products to achieve it. Beauty is pain, but in this instance it doesn’t have to be. Human hair extensions are a painless, long lasting way to achieve instantly noticeable gorgeous beauty. Once you’ve given it a try, you’ll never go back to any other way.


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