How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt is part of wardrobe of every modern woman and almost never goes out of fashion.
It is truly magical wand that looks impressive as part of a strict business suit or evening wardrobe piece.

Pencil skirt appears thanks to the great Coco Chanel who introduced in female wardrobe immediately after the Second World War.
Pencil skirt usually understood like skirt closely with knee-length or slightly below the knees. Pencil skirt is worn as a business suit or independently.
Since it is tight and sometimes hinders movement, sometimes makes slit in front, behind or from the side.
In strict variants rather slit make gussets. Of course, pencil skirt looks great on women with nice body and medium or high growth.
However, skillfully selected clothing and footwear pencil skirt can look great and on thicker, lower or too skinny girls.
Overweight women should choose pencil skirt with a high waist, it can make them visually thinner.
Pencil skirt can wear it with any kind shoes, high, low, sports or high heels.

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