How To Do a Pedicure

Pedicure is important procedure as haircut or manicure.
A good pedicure is not only beautiful, but is useful and healthy for your feet.

Pedicure includes comprehensive care for nails, care for heels and all skin of foot.
On foot of leg there are many nerve endings associated with organs and body.
The cleaning of buildup and dead cells, we cleanse body and let it breathe.

All tools for pedicures are very simple and can be purchased at any specialized shop.
There is a large selection of cosmetics.

Types Of Pedicure – Info & Photos

There are several types of pedicure.
Check out the information and photos below…

1. Classic Pedicure. The treatment of the foot is made with cutting tool, forceps, scissors.
The advantage here is speed and hygiene during processing. Allows you to quickly and effectively deal with the problem of the formation of cracks and the presence of calluses.

Classic Pedicuresourcehow to do a classic pedicuresourcePedicure in the spa salon in the gardensource

2. Sea Spa Pedicure. This pedicure can be called elite, deal with the most problematic cracked feet.
Unique collection of derivatives that contain high quality ingredients for softening and moisturizing.
We use products that contain marine alfaoksikislotny complex and sea salt, allowing painless to remove calluses and moisturize dry skin.

3. Mineral spa pedicure includes a rich collection of natural mineral products enriched with vitamins, minerals, essential oils that soften, hydrate the skin and polished.


4. Pedicure with apparatus. Instead water, in this pedicure is used special conditioner that literally separates the rough skin from healthy and removal happens without injury.

pedicure-nail-art-designs-for-fall-nail-design-ideas . Sea Spa Pedicuresourcepretty-pedicure-nail-art-ideas-for-2015
sourceMineral spa pedicuresourcehow to do a classic pedicure 1

sourcegorgeous_polka_dot_pedicuresourcehow to do a pedicure 1sourceSimple-Pedicure-Nail-Designssourcehow to do a pedicuresourceapparatus-pedicure1source-Pedicure-types-of-pedicuresource

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