How To Care For Your Beard – Some Useful Tips

Caring for your beard is super simple. But, when you leave it for the first time it is normal to have questions and doubts galore.

How to care for your beard as it grows

Growing a full beard will take several months.
First, you have to start growing the hair and then you have to build up long to make it look plump.

We want to take care of the beard so that it grows as fast and strong as possible.

How To Care For Your Beard - Some Useful Tips

Here are 4 tips to get started

Eat a diet loaded with protein and fresh foods.
For those of you who are eating Bollycaos and Chicken Nuggets all day, vitamins can be extra help.

Don’t forget to drink water.
If you want to form resistant facial hair, you have to give your body water.
Water your body as if it were a plant, that the skin that will house your beard is alive, and it is 60% water.

Respect the skin.
There are men who grow beards and only think about the quality of their facial hair, but where does all that hair come from? Of the skin. Take care of her!

Choose quality products and utensils.
Techniques like massaging your oil and using a good brush can help you. They improve facial blood flow to stimulate your growth.

Beard care: The first month

During the first weeks of growth, it is normal to despair.
There often is the question asked, “How long will it take for my beard to grow?”.
And although each body is different, you will spend a minimum of 6 weeks waiting for something semi-decent to grow for you.
What to do in the meantime? …

How To Care For Your Beard - Some Useful Tips

Get used to it. You still have itching or irritation due to the change that your skin is going through, and when you look in the mirror you will look strange.
But, those are not the only problems.
Strange looks and comments from friends/family can also affect you. Don’t let others lower your morale!

Do not obsess. I see a lot of men overanalyzing their new beards, micro analyzing every detail.
Don’t be overwhelmed the first month.
And remember: Touching your face a lot is bad for your skin.

Do not cut or profile anything! Until you have 2-3 cm of hair you do not have to trim anything.
If you outline the edges of your beard and trim the hair ahead of time, you are going to remove hair that you should not. Do not do it!

How to care for a multi-day beard

The multi-day beard conveys an air of “effortlessly sexy”, but in reality maintaining this length is the opposite because you need to always keep the facial hair to the same extent throughout your face and outline the cheek/necklines well.

The three-day beards are not for laziness, you have to get a razor/clipper that handles short measures well and try to always look uniform.

If you haven’t shaved for a week and you still see huge holes across your face, this length is not for you because multi-day beards need a tight growth pattern.

At this length, you do not need a beard soap yet, but it is important to use an exfoliator once a week and a little oil (daily) to take care of the skin.

How To Care For Your Beard - Some Useful Tips

How to care for a short beard

Short beards with clean lines have been seen a lot this year on catwalks, and are the order of the day if you like to follow bearded trends.

A short beard is very practical.
You just need to find the size you like, and give it a good review every 10 days so that the tips look polished.

Remember that outlining the cheek/neck areas is absolutely necessary to avoid looking unkempt.

Care for a long beard

The longest (living) beard in the world is that of a man from India and measures 2.495 meters.
It would be nice to think that any man can grow a 2-meter beard, but it is not like that.

Use oil every day on the lengths of the hair, and do not forget to use a wide comb (to avoid breakage and early hair pulling) a boar brush to give it shine.

Do not suffer unnecessary wear!
Each individual hair on your beard has a life cycle that can last for several years before falling out.
When facial hair has been hanging on your face for several months (or years), it is old.
So that the hair does not fall out or break before its time, we want to minimize wear and tear by always treating the beard gently.
We do not want early breakage due to bad utensils, we do not want split ends and we want to maintain the elasticity of the hair at all costs.
You can’t treat your beard like the beast!

How To Care For Your Beard - Some Useful Tips

What products to use to care for the beard?

Washing your beard with “normal” shampoo is a mortal sin.
Maybe you think that using gel or normal soap to wash your beard is giving you “good results”, but it is not.
Shampoos and soaps for beards are specifically formulated to protect and nourish your skin.

Oil is the most useful thing you can buy.
It is basic for any bearded man because it stimulates the natural sebum that your skin produces.
This is great because your skin doesn’t produce enough “good oil” to protect your facial hair from breakage and keep it elastic.

When you have longer hair, other products come into play.
Products such as balm and wax are more to shape and hold facial hair, but they can also be interesting if you see that it does not behave.

Article author: Julien Chbib
Julien is the founder of L’Élixir Cosmétiques, a Swiss brand producing cosmetics for men.


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