Harry Styles: A Style Icon

When you think back to Harry Styles‘ noble beginnings in the UK The X Factor, it was difficult to envisage the teenage heartthrob as a style icon. Wearing an oversized cardigan and oversized scarf, it was hardly Vogue-worthy. With the split of One Direction came Harry’s new direction – that of becoming a music and film legend. His style became increasingly 80’s-inspired, and most recently, rocking an Elton John-inspired suit with an oversized collared shirt for the Don’t Worry Darling première at the Venice Film Festival.

Today, Styles is known as the best-dressed musician in the world. He has been the face of brands such as Gucci, infusing menswear a new lease of life. In 2022, he teamed up with Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele for the HA HA HA collection. How can you get Harry’s look? Let us explain…


Harry Styles is a fan of jewellery and in particular earrings. As the accessory has come to transcend womenswear, experiment with your own men’s designer earrings to elevate your look. Take styling cues from Styles himself, who has proved this by rocking pearl earrings to recent red carpet events. He’s also not afraid to wear pearl necklaces, poking out from under his shirt collars, for the ultimate retro feel to his outfits. Styles’ look at SiriusXM Studios in March 2020 showed why he has become such a style icon. A frilly shirt collar with a pearl necklace and jumper layered over the top is just so vintage.

Harry Styles: A Style Icon - Men's designer earrings - Vivienne Westwood jewellery

Play with texture

Harry loves to be playful with his style and opts for fabrics that men don’t typically wear. Styles loves a bit of velvet and lace to experiment with his style – after all, that’s what fashion is all about! His MET Gala 2019 look is a prime example of this, he likes to rock unusual looks that still look chic – the tulle blouse with frilled cuffs allowed Harry to show off his tattoos, all the while perfectly complimenting his high-waist trousers.


Harry loves tailoring, whether it’s wearing a two-piece suit or just rocking more formal trousers with a sweater vest. He enjoys playing with different shapes and likes wide-leg trousers or a more fitted style with and wider-fitted jacket. One unforgettable look that Styles wore was on The Late Late Show in December 2019. He wore a polka dot Safari-inspired suit with a belted waist, eclectic yet elegant. As we saw from the February 2020 Brit Awards, Harry also loves colourful suits. His iconic yellow Marc Jacobs 3-piece is no exception!

Harry Styles: A Style Icon - Music Concert
Image source: Wikipedia.org

Grandad style

For the more low-key events, there’s nothing Harry Styles loves more than grandad style. What do we mean by that? Well, one of the main elements is a knitted sweater vest to begin with. Though this once used to make us shudder with dread, it has since come to embody the perfect layering piece for spring, autumn and winter alike. Harry usually wears his over a t-shirt, or a patterned shirt to clash prints. Grandad style can also incorporate oversized printed cardigans, to add that extra splash of colour to your wardrobe. In December 2019, Harry attended a Spotify Private Listening Session, where he wore a printed cardigan over a vest top, teamed with a trusty pearl necklace for a unique look.

Eclectic colour palettes

It’s no secret that Harry Styles loves to experiment with colour. In fact, he is pretty fearless with it! You can see him rock a mauve suit or wear a pink blazer – he’s not afraid to break gender stereotypes. He turns heads with his choices of colour and isn’t afraid to try something new. He has also been known to wear sequins for an extra bit of dazzle – complete with a rainbow-hued sequin jumpsuit no less!


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