Fashion Jewelry Trends – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings

In this season, the designers offer a wide range of accessories with different sizes, materials and appearance (Fashion Jewelry Trends).
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15+ Fashion Jewelry Trends (Photos & Info)

See jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches… – 15+ fashion jewelry trends.
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1. In collection Fashion jewelry trends for this season dominated large and long earrings. For little bolder women, and those who follow fashion and those who want to experiment, designers recommend girls to wear only one earring. Earring should be large, with zircons or hanging metal elements intertwined with each other.

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015 - Fashion jewelry earrings 2015sourcejewelry trends 2015source Gold-triangles-at-Saint-Laurentsourcetendances_bijoux_fashion_week_automne_hiver_2014_2015_louis_vuittonsource

2.  Trendy Jewelry neck. For several seasons trendy are necklaces chains. In fashion are long chains that are recommended to wear unusual pendants. Moreover, chokers can be characterized by rough amalgamation of chains, like round and oval and rectangular. Necklace in the new season will vary with the presence of large stones in different colors.

Necklaces-2015-sourcefashion jewelry 2015sourcefall_winter 2015 jewelry_trends_golden_jewelrysource2015_jewelry_trends_catchy_jewelrysource

3. Fashion for extensive and massive decorations, attend to bracelets. This season the trend is large bracelets in different colors and shapes. Designers recommend bracelets to wear the clothes, even on jackets and coats. Desirable in the cold season – bracelets from leather, plastic, and metal.

2015_jewelry brasletssource2015_jewelry braslets 1sourceFashion Jewelry Trends 2015 - 2015 Jewelry brasletssourcestacked-bracelets-new-trendsource

4. This season in fashion are rings with perfectly circular shape and elongated rectangular shape. The rings – it is desirable to carry on each finger. Beautiful combination is the circular and rectangular rings.

Fashion-Jewelry-Trends- 2015sourceFashion-Jewelry-Trends- 2015 ringssourceFashion-Jewelry-Trends- 2015 rings 2sourceFashion-Jewelry-Trends- 2015 rings 3source

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