Easy Ways to Make a Hat For This Winter – Make Winter Hats

Warm hat is an essential element in the winter wardrobe of every modern woman.
In addition, it serves to warm us in the cold winter days. It should look modern, and fit with the wardrobe that you wear.

In any case, you can buy a hat, but also you can do it by yourself.
You can make it with your hands. On that way you will show your personal style, and at the same time you will be fashionable.
You can knit a hat, but if you don’t know how to knit, your home probably has some old knitted sweater or scarf from which you can make a hat.
If you don’t like your old hat, you can decorate it, and get a new look – and you will be in trend.

10+ Ideas & Photos for Making Winter Hat (DIY Winter Hat)

See our collection of 10+ photos for the creative ways to make hats for winter (DIY winter hat).

In brown color…


In gray color…

Hat - diy-thrifty-fashion-knitted-bow-accessory-step-by-step-instructionssource

In black, with white decoration…

creative ways to make a hat for this wintersource

In gray color – jewel beanie…

creative ways to make a hat for this winter 2source

From red sweater…

DIY hat and mittens from an old sweatersource

In blue color, with additional elements…

creative ways to make a hat for this winter 1source

In gray color with decorations…

creative ways to make a hat for this winter 3creative ways to make a hat for this winter 4source

Made from green sweater…


Made from pink sweater…


So, do you plan to make your winter hats following some of the suggestions above?
Tell us about your DIY winter hat project in the comments section!


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