Easy DIY Matching Bracelets – Step by Step Guide

Everyone has a dear persons and wants to surprise them throughout the year.
What could be more beautiful than a unique handmade gift?
For example, a pair of creatively made DIY matching bracelets.

In this article we will present you a step by step guide on how to make two matching bracelets in less than 10 minutes.
You can keep one bracelet for yourself and give the other to your loved one. It might be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friend, or someone close to your heart.

To make the bracelets, you only need a few basic materials that you probably have at home or in a nearby store.
The tutorial for this homemade DIY bracelets project is below…

Easy DIY Matching Bracelets - Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide – Easy DIY Matching Bracelets

Here you can read and see the step by step guide on how to make matching bracelets by yourself.

What you will need for this DIY project:
– 2 x 1m of cord (black and white)
– 2 charms of your choice (i.e. initials, heart, etc…)
– 2 sets of clasps
– pliers
– scissors

Steps 1-4

1. Start with your first bracelet. Cut one of the cords in half. You should work with 2 pieces of 50 cm length.
2. Thread one of the cords in the charm.
3. Cross over the part with the charm.
4. Take the other piece folded in two and place it on the loop you just made.

Easy DIY Matching Bracelets - Step by Step Guide

Steps 5-8

5. Take the ends of the second cord and place it below the ends of the first cord.
6. Cross over the loop where the charm is.
7. Continuing with the same end, insert it below the next loop but cross the strings in the loop over.
8. Tighten the infinity loop by pulling the 4 ends simultaneously.

Easy DIY Matching Bracelets - Step by Step Guide

Steps 9-12

9. Arrange and tighten the cords to your liking and align it with the charm.
10. With pliers flatten the clasps, closing them tightly.
11. Close it up, and you should now have a bracelet.
12. Repeat the steps with the other cord to make the matching bracelet.

Easy DIY Matching Bracelets - Step by Step Guide

Follow the images in the step by step guide, and enjoy the making of these matching bracelets.

We can name this project by different names.
Like… ‘Easy Friendship Bracelets for Beginners’, ‘How to Make a Bracelet for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend’, ‘Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Matching Bracelets’ or ‘How to Make DIY Matching Couple Bracelets’.
It doesn’t matter much. It’s important to give the bracelet to some dear person.

Do you like the DIY project we shared? Have something to add?
Tell us in the comments!


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