Easy 5 Minute Makeup

When you see a girl in the morning nicely made-up, wondering how much time she spent on make-up, probably about 30-60 minutes.
But not necessarily so.
In today’s article will give you some tips to be made-up in the morning for only 5 minutes.

Most time is wasted on applying powder, concealer for face, instead, use BB / CC cream, these creams will get the same effect as powder and concealer.

For your face look natural use bronze powders, apply the powder on the sides of the face and under the cheek bones.

The most important part is eyes. Since this is an everyday makeup, emphasize your eyes with black crayon and mascara. Then using a brush, apply eye shadow. You can only make arrows and then put mascara.

On the lips put transparent lip gloss or lip balm.

On eyebrows put gel, the gel will not only give color depth, but eyebrows will look shiny and neat. If you don’t have lip gloss can combed with special brush.

10+ Easy 5 Minute Makeup Ideas & Photos

See more than 10 easy 5 minute makeup ideas and tutorials below…

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