DIY T-Shirt Refashion Ideas – Shirt Refashions Hacks

In the wardrobe of every woman there are few shirts that she does not wear.

If you want to clear your wardrobe and make an order, don’t rush to throw away old clothes.
Be a little creative, and your clothes will have a new look.
We talk about DIY t-shirt refashion here.

If the t-shirts are with stains that are difficult to remove, and for you they are very dear and you don’t want to throw them away – do not throw them.
On the place where the stain is located, you can set interesting application. With that, the shirt will look like new, and the stain will not be seen.

You can give a new look to old t-shirt, if you use your imagination.
Before you begin, make a pattern on how you want to restore your old t-shirt.

15+ DIY T-Shirt Refashions Ideas, Hacks & Photos

Below you can see lot of ideas and hacks on how to refashion your favorite old or new t-shirts…

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