Best DIY Nail Polish Organizer Box Ideas

Unlike in other cosmetics, nail polish can be kept longer than the time indicated on the packaging. Someone keeps nail varnish after a few years.
This is justified because in the composition of the nail varnish there aren’t ingredients that will quickly decompose and components that cause infections.

Most of you have more nail varnish than you need, but however, you buy even more.
Also, many of you have a problem how to organize nail polish. You can never find nail varnish that you need, or even forget that you have it.
With improper storage of nail varnish, it may dry or change its color.
To organize nail polish, many of us use boxes of candies, pottery, etc…

Today there are many manufacturers who offer a wide selection of nail polish storage boxes.
Professional way of organizing nail polish allows each of us very easy to find the desired nail polish without rummaging entire collection of bows.
Harmonic set color pallet of nail polish, allows you to select the desired color quickly and easily.

15 Best DIY Nail Polish Organizer Box Storage Ideas & Photos

Below you can see 15 best DIY nail polish organizer ideas, homemade (do it yourself) organizer boxes and cases, nail polish smart storage box ideas, organizing tips, and more…

DIY Nail Polish OrganizersourceDIY Nail Polish OrganizersourceDIY Nail Polish Organizer 1sourceDIY Nail Polish OrganizerssourceDiy-Nail-Polish-Holdersourcesake-boxes-diy-nail-polish-holder-finalsourceDIY Nail Polish Organizer 2sourceDIY Nail Polish Organizer 3sourcenailpolishstorageboxsourcenail-polish-organizationsourceNail Polishsourcenail-polish-organization1sourcenail-polish-storage-racksourceNail Polish fashionbeautynewssourceNail Polish fashionbeautynews 1source

Do you have some favorites in the presented DIY nail polish organizers?
Found good tips on organizing your nail polish?

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