DIY Hanger Ideas for Clothes

Hanger is a necessary element in any home, almost no home without hangers.
Hanger serve to attach clothes, accessories and put them in the closet.
Many of us do not pay attention when buying the hangers, it is important to perform their function.
They are in the closet and not seen.

Hangers can be made of different materials, wood, plastic, metal.
But what if we want to put hangers in a prominent position and on them to put favorite piece of clothing.
Does not immediately go to the store and look decorative hangers and think that you will find or not.
Simply you can your decorate hangers.

To decorate your hangers do not need to know any particular technique, it is important to have a desire to use your imagination.
Hangers you can decorate with remnants of textile materials, ribbons, you can use markers, pencils and write or draw something on them or use decoupage technique.

10+ DIY Hanger Ideas for Clothes & Photos

Below you can see lot of hanger ideas for clothes for your DIY projects

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