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Every woman wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hands, but more wants beautiful nails on her hands, with them it highlights the beauty of her hands.
Full care nail manicure is called manicure.
The word is French and comes from the Latin word “manus” – hand and “curare”- care.
Manicure is ancient cosmetic procedure.
Of course, this cosmetic procedure does not stand in place, but is improving each year more and more.

As the fashion of clothes change, so changing fashion of nail.
There are different ways to take care of your nails on hands and legs.
Some want to use services in beauty salons, while others prefer to take care of nails at home.
For every girl beautiful nails mean beautiful form, but what unites them is the cleanliness and health of nails.

What is the shape of nails on your hands?
Experiment with the final line of nails and will notice how is change your nails.
When selecting the shape and length of the nails follow two simple rules.
With properly chosen form of the free edge of the nail to visually will continue.
The tips of the nails should be resistant to the touch.

10+ Beauty Nails – Photos & Ideas

Now, see lot of beauty nails designs for women

abstract-nail-design-tutorialsourceBeautiful-Nail-Patternssourcebeauty nailssourcebeauty nails-fashionbeautynewssourcebeauty nails-fashionbeautynews 1sourcebeauty nails-fashionbeautynews 2sourcefan-brush-nail-art-tutorialsourcegeneral-nail-design-tutorials-attractive-splatter-nail-art-tutorial-with-blue-and-purple-polish-colors-nail-art-tutorialsourcegeneral-nail-design-tutorials-enchanting-blue-glitter-with-zebra-print-accent-nail-art-design-tutorial-step-by-step-nail-art-tutorialsourcegeometric-nail-art-tutorialsourceHologram_nail_artsourcenail art -fashionbeautynewssourceNail-Art-Designs-Step-By-Stepsourcenegative_space_nail_art_trendy_in_2015_ beauty nailssource

Have you found some beautiful nails favorites?
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