All You Should Know About Plus Size Clothing By Luxury Men’s Fashion Brands

Lately, there has been a more significant push on being size inclusive in fashion; however, most of this has been reflected in women’s clothing – but what about stylish clothes for big guys?
Of course, everyone deserves to feel at their very best no matter what their size or gender, but there seems to be a gap in the market when it comes to size-inclusive men’s clothing – that is despite the fact that the plus-sized market is estimated to be worth and estimated £6.6bn and is forecast to grow by 7.1% between 2017 and 2022.

This is a trend we’re also seeing online, particularly with the rise of body-positive influencers such as David Fadd and Adam Henry taking the world by storm.

All You Should Know About Plus Size Clothing By Luxury Men's Fashion Brands

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That said, there are still many luxury brands that don’t appear to be on board with making inclusive clothing for all.
On the high street, many brands are also to adapt to big and tall designer clothes, with many men turning to online brands to find clothes that fit while looking stylish.

So what problems are big and tall guys facing when looking for a new wardrobe?
We decided to investigate.

Designer Labels are Falling Behind

It comes as no surprise that the big fashion houses are the ones that set the trends both on and off the catwalk, which means that high street and lower-cost brands look to them for inspiration.
But, unfortunately, during New York Fashion Week in 2020, only one plus-sized man walked the runway – showing that the industry is letting down bigger men.

It is worth noting that some within the industry have also called out snobbery, with one anonymous executive at a luxury brand sharing that there are backwards attitudes in some of the top fashion houses which will be impacting fashion moving forward.

It’s Time for Men to Speak Up

There have been many campaigns to ensure that women’s clothing is more inclusive, but there have not been as many for men meaning that there has not been as much pressure on the industry to provide more options.
There have been some attempts from influencers online to change this, but the more men who join the cause, the better!

Businesses are Afraid to Take the Next Step

Even the businesses who are aware that large and tall men want to shop with them, there is a level of fear there in regard to trying something new and taking the risk of starting new lines or investing in new stock.

In-store Selection is Severely Lacking

It’s much easier to buy plus size men’s clothing online, and while that can be convenient, large and tall men shouldn’t be excluded from the experience of in-store shopping, should they wish to.
Currently, on the high street, there are a limited number of stores that have embraced men of all sizes; again, this is something that we hope to see a change in the coming years, but to do so, we need to see pressure from customers as well as a change in attitude from designer brands.

It’s Not Going Anywhere

Thankfully some luxury brands have realised that men also deserve inclusive sizing so that they can look and feel their best.
There are a number of shops online that have a wide range, and Dockers® are proud to be one of them with the Big and Tall range; other brands such as Hirmer, Bad Rhino and Jacamo also have excellent ranges available.
Regardless of style, all men should be able to find clothes that they feel confident in.

Men should be happy and comfortable in their bodies and what they wear.
The future needs to include big and tall designer clothes, and hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas of where you can go to find them.
We may have a long way to go to ensure that every brand can produce clothing for all but, in time, we will see a revolution in plus size men’s fashion – this is just the start.

Joan Calabia - article authorArticle author: Joan Calabia
Joan Calabia operates as the Director of Brand Marketing for Dockers® Europe at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.


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