A Fairytale Bridal Makeup

Since the Disney love stories, since the beautiful rumors about our grandparents’ old school romance, each and every one of us has at least once fantasized about the day we will be walking down the aisle.

If this one particular fantasy doesn’t match your teenage daydreaming, you’ve put the red lipstick on in front of your mirror, and oh, you’ve totally made a veil out of your fresh white bed sheets, admit it.
Makeup artists are a thing, but just in case you planned your wedding yesterday (randomly, because you’re so full of love), so you didn’t have time to book one, I got you. You’ll do your own makeup with twice as passion, anyway.

Now let me guide you through this article and advise you on what your bridal makeup look should be like (I’m screaming in second-hand joy and happiness.)!


The main makeup products: toner, moisturizer, primer, foundation, contour, concealer.

Let me get started with this one. I might sound a bit selfish, but your skin is just as important as your wedding day. It is important that besides looking good; you are also feeling good beneath your skin.

First, you make sure you tone and moisturize your skin well. After doing so, you start spreading your primer, and then you apply foundation, the perfect amount of it, and the perfect shade for your skin tone. We don’t want to look oily.

Based on your face shape, you do the contouring technique by directly taking your contour makeup product and putting it on your nose, jawline, cheekbones, and the temples of your forehead. You blend it thoroughly, right after placing concealer next to the contour lines you just made. Don’t skip your under eyes, they need to be super bright, especially today.

Now you’re a sculpted bride, a goddess even!

The Eyes Of The Beautiful Bride

The main makeup products (depending on the eye makeup look you decide to go for): An eyeshadow palette with neutral tones, shimmer and dark colors, eye pencil, mascara, false lashes, tape.

Natural Bridal Makeup: Your eyes are already remarkable on your wedding day. You’re just adding some extra spice.

Start by choosing the most neutral tones out of your palette. Not too dark, not too shady. I’d prefer nude and would start with that. Then, by slowly picking two up to three eye shadow colors that match together, you end up creating a beautiful cut crease. On the lid of your eyes, you can put shimmer, but be smart about it, because you are definitely not allowed to stick to an old-fashioned nuance of gold shimmer.

Brush your eyelashes with your mascara. Give your eyes a lifted look by gluing on false lashes that suit your eye shape. Choose an eye pencil to create a subtle eyeliner look.

A Fairytale Bridal Makeup - Eyes Of Beautiful Bride

Image source: Instagram.com/p/CXa61rrtl7c/

Full Glam Bridal Makeup: The smokey eye look is the right move for a glamorous bridal makeup look.

You first get a tape and align it on the right angle, take a nude shade for your eyelids, and spread it slowly with your brush. From the outer V; to the inner corner of your eye, you start sweeping a really dark brown shade. On your lower lash line, you apply the same dark brown shade. If the color you created occurs to be black, choose silver shimmer to put it on your lid, but if it’s more of a brown shade, pick a beautiful shade of gold shimmer.

You don’t need to do eyeliner on this one, your eyeshadow already creates the mirage. The fake lashes are optional; because a waterproof mascara will do the wonder enough (yes, waterproof, you might shed some genuine tears today).

Embroidered Eyebrows

The main product is the eyebrow gel, nothing else.

Before I get way too hyped up for being creative with the names, let me explain.

Believe me when I say brushed eyebrows are a trend that will be following us in the years ahead. And we’re here for that. A trend that is spontaneous yet so alluring. I named them “Embroidered Eyebrows” because they look way too superior to just call them brushed eyebrows, they truly look like they were carved by a supernatural source.

Brush them precisely with your eyebrow gel, the one that matches your hair color, and please don’t add too much color, especially at the beginning of your brows. Let them fluff, naturally, and don’t make it look like there’s some borderline between your eyebrows and the rest of your face.

The Lips

The main makeup products: lip balm, lip liner, matte lipstick, lip gloss.

First, make sure your lips are moisturized and hydrated, no matter the makeup choice you’re going to make. Apply lip balm or vaseline.

Natural Bridal Makeup: Start overlining your lips with a darker shade of brown and go kinda sharp in the corners and in your cupid’s bow. Take a shade of matte lipstick that matches the lip liner and spread it right below the lipstick line you previously made, and after doing so, you get a lighter shade of brown and put it in your lower and upper lip. To finish this, you put a nude, or even a baby pink lip gloss over, trust me when I say the colors will blend well.

A Fairytale Bridal Makeup - Bride's Lips

Image source: Instagram.com/p/CXa61rrtl7c/

You’ll get an illusion of fuller lips, and to be honest, who wouldn’t like an illusion like this. A red bold lip can also be an option for natural bridal makeup looks. Make sure you’re not being too gloomy; unless your wedding is taking place as a New Year’s Eve miracle in the winter season.

Full Glam Bridal Makeup: You pick an almond-like lip gloss shade and match it with the lipliner. It complements the smokey eye decently.


The main makeup products: blush and highlighter.

In both, the natural and the glamorous makeup look, we are aiming for cheeks that don’t look all fake. After all, your blushing coming from the inside will do you the favor.

The right formula of the blush would be peachy, containing a hot pink background. The natural bridal makeup look requires a powder, shiny blush, whereas the glamorous one asks for liquid blush; since the energy on here is luxurious. On your cheekbones, you should put some highlighter for some flavor.

A Fairytale Bridal Makeup - Bride's Cheeks

Image source: Instagram.com/p/CMMgL6jJRVO/

And now, you’re good to go and live your own fairytale!
Picture yourself on the white dress, living the prettiest glam on your gleaming face, surrounded by the bridesmaids, and to top it all, the love of your life in front of you.

Of course, your partner fell for your spirit, but makeup is actually one of the infinite universal love languages, and usually, universal love languages keep spirits full of dreams to strive for.

Article’s author: Vlera Ibrahimi is author of ‘A Fairytale Bridal Makeup‘. You can check out her beauty blog Vlera’s Charm for makeup, fragrance and skincare tips and trends.


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