5 Men’s Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter

Europe (and not only Europe) faces alarming environmental problems and experiences unusually high – for this time of the year – temperatures. Hopefully, though, the normal winter weather conditions will come back very soon and we will head straight to our closets, take out our best outerwear clothing and enjoy (in warmth) the cold, the snowy, the cloudy and the sunny winter days.

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Coat

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Key figures on the Men’s Winter Outerwear market

Men’s outerwear is not only necessary and essential when creating refined and comfortable winter styles, but is also a segment of the fashion industry that is growing very rapidly!

According to Statista:

  • The Coats & Jackets segment is expected to grow annually by 2.89% (Compound Annual Growth Rate 2023-2027)
  • The volume in the Coats & Jackets segment is expected to amount to 792.5 million pcs. by 2027 and just by 2024 is expected to show a volume growth of 0.5%
  • The average volume per person in the same segment is expected to amount to 0.1 pieces in 2023

Additionally, another report by grandviewresearch.com shows that:

  • The increasing demand for high-quality jackets and coats, coupled with moisture permeability is expected to accelerate the market growth. The cotton segment alone is forecast to expand with the second-highest CAGR of 5.4% from 2022 to 2028.
  • The growth of the Outerwear segment in the Europe region is a direct result of the rising demand for men’s winter apparel from nations, such as the U.K., France, and Germany. Financially independent population, higher per capita income, and changing fashion trends are some of the major factors that influence and impact the growth of the market in this specific geographical region.


The different types of Men’s outerwear clothing

But what do we actually mean by Outerwear? Whatever we wear over our comfy hoodies, our warm knits, our all-around button-ups, our iconic Chinos, smart khakis or our formal trousers, can be considered outerwear. Namely: coats, jackets, vests, blazers, fuzzy cardigans and maybe we should also include the winter accessories (scarfs, gloves and headwear) that always add that little… extra!

The 5 outerwear men should look for this winter!

1. Jackets, Shackets and Parkas

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Shackets

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Jackets will set the tone of any winter outfit. It is the first outerwear clothing item that every man should focus on; not just for style reasons but because the right coat or jacket will keep you warm and dry even in the harshest conditions!
The 2023 winter coat trends? If it is not very cold opt for elegant chore coats to wear with your white jeans, and your black loafers or All Stars! For the colder days, and when in need of something smarter, choose a regular-fit (or even oversized) blue formal coat. It can be double-breasted, it can be long, it could also have a classic check pattern or it could be a classic peacoat!

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Jacket

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Extra tip: Parkas are also one of the most iconic and trending coats for 2023 (and surely 2024 as well)!

2. The denim jacket (the simple or the Sherpa version)

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Denim Jacket

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Depending on the situation, you can either go for an eternal denim trucker jacket or for the warmer and sturdier sherpa version. Both alternatives are stylish and can be combined with your Chinos, your Jeans (if you feel like going all Denim), your cargos and even your tracksuits!

3. The puffer

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Puffer Jacket

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Puffer jackets made their comeback some time ago and since then their presence is only becoming stronger and stronger! They are versatile, they are warm and they come to all styles and colours.
A long, black puffer jacket can be worn over your sharper suits and a shorter, sportier one, will be your go-to jacket for your casual 9 to 5’s or for your next trip to Paris! Which puffer jackets are trending right now? All of them!

You can also check out the lightweight puffer vests to wear without or with your heavier outerwear! Warmth version 2.0!

4. The Fleece

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Fleece Jacket

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They lie on the shoulders of Brad Pitt, they are a basic part of the winter outfits of your closest mate, they are practical, they are warm, they are easy to wash (!) and they can be spotted in every men’s outerwear collection – from Drake’s and ALD to Uniqlo and Penfield – They will become your new winter essential in no time!

5. The Accessories

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Accessories

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A winter outfit without Accessories is a Picasso cubist painting without rough and wild angles or a Van Gogh without heavily brush-stroked sunflowers. This winter, reach out for dad hats, wool sailor beanies, gloves (able to touch screens!) and long scarfs to be tied in the most creative manner! Don’t deny your outfit the perfect final touch!

5 Men's Outerwear You Should Look for This Winter - Beanies

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Men’s 2023 winter fashion is available and ready to wear! Iconic brands like Dockers®, Fred Perry, Nudie or Ralph Lauren, offer all the Latest men’s winter fashion trends. From sustainable men’s coats to warm socks and the coolest headwear! Check their Men’s outerwear guides and cover all your winter needs!

But don’t stop there! Before buying your next winter clothing item, make sure that it is crafted ethically, responsibly and sustainably. The San Francisco-based trendsetting brand has developed, among others, a series of techniques in order to save water and reduce any negative footprint!

The only steps we need to take are those that keep our planet and all of us safe and sound!

Joan Calabia - article authorArticle author: Joan Calabia
Joan Calabia operates as the Digital Lead for Dockers® International at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.


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