5 Elements of an Unforgettable Wedding

Every wedding is beautiful in its’ individual way. But how do you plan an unforgettable wedding that will set examples to others? You will have to include essential elements, theme, detailed planning, and enthusiasm.

If you are a natural born event planner, then you might already know these elements, but if you are now starting to get the grasp of perfect party planning, we have a few tips for you.

Choose an incredible location

Whether it’s a destination wedding, backyard wedding or a beach party wedding, the venue is important. You can create something amazing from simple scratches. Don’t settle for a regular restaurant. Find something that matches your wedding theme and your vision.

Choose an incredible location - Beach party wedding

Think about the theme. If your theme is a summer beach party, make sure to rent a place that has everything to set the mood. Match the theme with the venue.

Organize the dress code

Everyone is welcome to wear what they want, but an incredible wedding needs the WOW Effect. It’s hard to coordinate every single guest about their outfits, but it’s easy to include a simple dress code rule on the wedding invitation.

Bridesmaid dress - princess v neck floor length chiffon with ruffle for unforgettable wedding

Once you are done with the dress code, take care of the important roles at your wedding:

  • Plan and execute your vision of your bridesmaid dresses. Create something special for them. Match their outfits with each other or with the outfits of the best men.
  • Think about the mother of the bride dresses too. And don’t forget your in-laws. They also need to feel special and be dressed in accordance with your theme.

Mother of the bride dress - princess scoop neck asymmetrical chiffon lace for unforgettable wedding

Professional wedding planner and entertainer

Wedding planners know it all. They are experienced and know how to match the vision with the reality. They are in touch with professional entertainers, musicians, service providers, etc.

You can let them provide their ideas or sit down and plan the wedding together. In the end, entertainment is the core of the wedding.

Singers and musicians as wedding entertainers

Send out beautiful and meaningful invitations

The first impression is important. Your wedding invitations make the first impression on your future guests. You should think about making them special, creative, and even personalized. Don’t just send out emails to your coworkers and friends. If you want an online invitation, make it special.

Beautiful and meaningful wedding invitations

We advise a traditional envelope invitation and special, customized ones for close friends and family. Don’t forget about the bridesmaids. Think about creative proposal ideas to ask them to be your bridesmaids.


And finally, to make the wedding unforgettable, you need to capture every moment of it. Hire professional photographers (more than one, to provide excellent service and capture everything).

Plan a photo shoot with your bridesmaids, fiance and his friends. Make it special, give it a theme. Dress as superheroes, take serious and silly photos, give the photoshoot a wide range of possibilities.

Wedding photoshoot of bridegroom and bride at sunset by the sea

Don’t forget to snap a pic or two with the family members. Include your parents, in-laws and close friends in your photoshoot. And if you have pets, don’t forget to take a snap with them too.

Everything depends on you and your vision. You can make your wedding perfect and unforgettable. Start planning months ahead and make sure that everything is intact.


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