2015 Hair Color Trends

Each new season, girls follow fashion trends in clothing, but also the choice of hairstyles and hair color does not overlooked.
What hair color will be the trend in 2015? One answer can’t be, because brown, black, blonde, redheads can never take the leaders.
When choosing the right hair color for 2015 should be kept especially for modern shades that are able to refresh you.
Natural looking, natural hair color is trendy like never before.

dark-red-rich-hair-color-with-caramel-sourceDirty-Blonde-Hair-Color-Picturessourcehair-color trend 2015sourceomber-hair color-trends-2015-source

Stylists advise, not moving far from the natural hair color, in fact there is nothing that highlights the natural beauty as natural shades. Young ladies who want to experiment with their style, stylists recommend to try stencil dyeing hair, that is, the application of unusual leopard drawings and geometric prints. In trend in 2015 is California shading, the effect of burned peaks can get through the winter, especially for girls with red hair. For blonde girls in trend will be blond hair color – platinum. This color stands out because looks nice on young and adult. Girls with brown eyes and dark skin, is best to painted hair to black. This hair color in 2015, not only will highlight the natural beauty but also give picture of a captivating mystery.Natural-PlatinumsourceHair stencilssourceKillerstrands hair clinic - stenciling of hair 90sourcestencil dyeing hair 2015source2015 hair color trendssource2015 hair color trends 1sourceshort-hairstyles-for-women-trendssource2015 hair color trends 2source2015 hair color trends 3sourceoxblood-red-hairsourceMedium-Length-Bob-Hairstyles-with-Side-Bangs-=sourceHair Colors You_Can Try in 2015source


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