15 DIY Heels Ideas For You – High Heels Makeover

High heels are a weakness of every woman – never enough, and always wants to be trendy and have the latest model.
But what to do with old shoes with high heels?
To throw them away – you will be sorry, but you does not want to wear them because they are not trendy or are little damaged.

If you are a fan of DIY of high heels, you can make a real art, and only you will have such shoes.
There are many ways and there are many ideas on how to decorate high heels with your hands, at home.
You can make a decoration of shoes using: color, bolts, decorative fabric crystals, spikes, etc…

15 DIY High Heels Makeover – How To Decorate High Heels Ideas

Below you can see how to decorate high heels, a lot of DIY heels makeover ideas, photos and information…

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Do you like the DIY heels ideas and photos presented above?
Any upcoming project on how to decorate your heels?
Tell us more in the comments!


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