14 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

Jewellery, women choose very carefully by the clothes and according to trend.
If you are lovers of jewelry and have a lot of jewelry, you’ve probably encountered with problem of its storage.
As with any questions of storage there are a many solutions.
Manufacturers offer us an incredible choice of different boxes, lockers, containers, holders and frames.
How to decide which is right for you?

If you are even slightly familiar with DIY creativity, our exciting online tips will be very useful and interesting.
Before you start creating a box where you want to store your jewelry should know a few important rules.
What kind of jewelry you have (rings, earrings, bracelets, chains)?
Do you want the jewelry to be deployed by season or by its purpose?
Want jewelry always be in front of your eyes or in locker?

DIY Jewelry Storage can be made from old hangers and hanger to put on wall, on that way you will decorate interior of your room.
DIY Jewelry Storage can be a branch of tree that you have found while walking, the branch can hang on a wall or placed on a table.
On wall, you can put a special pano on which will put your jewelry.
But if you want your jewelry not to be seen, then you can make special lockers that can be put on wall, or in the wardrobe to separate special place.

14 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas & Photos

For the jewelry organization, below you can see lot of DIY jewelry storage ideas, box organizer ideas, placing it in the closet space, etc…

closets-storages-adorable-picture-of-hanging-wall-rectangular-black-wood-frame-diy-jewelry-organizer-for-girl-bedroom-wall-decoration-design-ideas-entrancing-pictures-of-diy-jewsourceDIY Jewelry Storage Design IdeassourceDIY Jewelry Storage Design Ideas 1sourceDIY-jewelry-organizer-using-a-rakesourceHanging-Jewelry-Organizer-infarrantly creativesourcejewelry storage boxessourcejewelry storage boxsourcejewelry-largesourcelayered-jewelry-box-from-cardboardsource-Window-Frame-Jewelry storagesource14 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas 1source14 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideassourcecloset-jewlery-storagesource DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas 2source

Do you like the storage ideas for jewelry shared above?
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