10 Everlasting Men’s Fashion Styles that are Influencing a New Generation

Each decade we see big changes in men’s fashion, but why does fashion change over time? There are many factors, the availability of certain fabrics, cultural changes, what is important to the generation of young people.

In the 40s, the focus was on using rations to the best of their abilities; in the 50s, we had the birth of the teenager, the 60s were all about free love, the 70s were about being loud and androgynous, the 80s were for power dressing and so on.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles that are Influencing a New Generation

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There are some pieces and styles, however, that transcend time and have come back again and again, with each generation putting its own twist on the trend.

10 Styles That Have Influenced the Modern Generation

Here are 10 styles that may have been around for a while but are well-loved by the modern generation, even if they have added their own twists. We’ve also featured some men’s style icons who will inspire you.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The White Shirt

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1. The White Shirt
What can we say about the white shirt? It goes with everything, and you can wear it to almost every occasion. There’s a reason that every generation has had a love affair with this piece.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Leather Jacket

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2. The Leather Jacket
While we might associate the beginnings of the leather jacket in the 50s, each generation has made it their own – and this one is no different, opting for a more fitted look. We’ll also see more leather in 2022 as it’s going to be making a summer comeback.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Blazer

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3. The Blazer
As well as being an incredible musician and visionary, David Bowie was known as one of the most influential British style icons from when he burst onto the scene in the 70s and beyond. His style was often known as ‘fearless’. He was also a fan of the Blazer, a stylistic choice that comes back again and again in men’s fashion.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - Activewear

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4. Activewear
While we may instantly think of the 80s and 90s when it comes to wearing activewear every day, Millennials and Gen Z are taking back the mantle after the pandemic, so much so that ‘the athleisure industry is expected to be valued at $83 billion at the end of 2022′, which is around Ā£61 billion.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Parka Jacket

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5. The Parka Jacket
While the Parka was a staple for Mods in the 1960s, with the likes of Paul Weller leading the way, Gen Z has changed it up. As we can see above, fashion-forward Timothee Chalamet has paired the iconic coat with brighter and relaxed trousers.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Polo Shirt

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6. The Polo Shirt
The humble polo shirt may seem like something your Dad would wear; however, millennials are also discovering the versatility of the polo. This has also been a great player in the vintage market, something younger generations are interested in due to the sustainability of giving a new lease of life to older pieces.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Blue Jeans

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7. The Blue Jean
For the past 50 years, denim has been a long-standing staple in a guys wardrobe and the younger generation, such as young Fionn Whitehead, pictured. It’s been reported that Gen Z is bringing back their own version of the blue jean with a new cut set to make waves.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - Chinos

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8. Chinos
While Chinos may have originally come from a military background, they have proven decade after decade to be a great choice. They’re not as formal as dress trousers but are still smart enough to be worn to events or the office.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Checked Shirt

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9. The Checked Shirt
The checked shirt is no longer just for Dads! Taking note from the 90s for a more casual look, millennials continue to throw an open checked shirt over a t-shirt for a relaxed look.

10 Everlasting Men's Fashion Styles - The Suit and Tie

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10. The Suit and Tie
Worn by many of the men’s style icons of the 20th century, the modern suit is a staple in fashion. There are many examples of a great suit, but one of the best to pull it off was James Bond himself, Sean Connery with the classic three-piece suit.

What’s making a comeback?

Earthy tones – According to Vogue, the colour green were coming back in a big way and was seen on the runway by Fendi, Thebe Magugu and Ermenegildo Zegna. Whether you’re a khaki lover or want to mix it up with some pastel tones, chill out with some earthy tones.

All the denim – Now, we’re not saying run off and take influence from Justin Timberlake in the Britney times, but denim is going to be coming back strong this year, and the great thing is that it’s incredibly versatile and can suit everyone.

The Cardigan – We can see that the vintage vibe is going to be strong in the summer; this garment comes around again and again and can be a great way to inject some subtle colour into your wardrobe.

The future is sustainable

There is a big correlation between millennials, Gen Z and sustainable fashion. More than ever, these age groups are taking the trends we’ve mentioned and making sure that they are as sustainable as possible. It is worth noting that 53% of men and 47% of women in the UK choose to buy from sustainable brands.

These kinds of figures show that while the younger generations are influenced by timeless pieces, they also want to make sure that going forward, they can put their own stamp on them, including making their fashion choices as eco-friendly as possible.

Joan Calabia - article authorArticle author: Joan Calabia
Joan Calabia operates as the Director of Brand Marketing for DockersĀ® Europe at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.


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